Our History

The economic realities of Africa mean that many families on the African continent live on less than $1 a day and therefore depend on the help they receive from their relatives in the West.

We have often witnessed the difficulties encountered by the diaspora who, wishing to send money to their loved ones, find themselves paying very high transfer fees, thus reducing the amounts to be received by the recipients. Thus, to send the amount that families in Africa needed, senders had to pay more than the amount expected, thus reducing their resources.

In order to help people send more money to their loved ones through savings on money transfer fees and rates, we created SaveMoney Transfer Inc. in April 2020.

Our Mission

SaveMoney Transfer Inc. is committed to:

  • Save its customers on service and transfer fees. Hence our motto: "More money for you!" Which is reflected in our name "SaveMoney Transfer".
  • Enable a large number of people to financially support their families, friends and relatives.
  • Provide simple, secure, reliable, fast and 24 hour service right at your fingertips.
  • Offer our customers different means of payment and receipt.
  • Our Vision

    The vision of SaveMoney Transfer Inc. is to reach as many people as possible around the world through its services.

    Thus, bring each of his customers closer to his entourage wherever he is in the world thanks to secure, fast and reliable transactions.

    SaveMoney Transfer plans to expand its business to several countries around the world in the coming years.