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Why choose SaveMoney Transfer?

Here’s the top reasons why using a SaveMoney Transfer for your money transfer.

The simple way to send money

SaveMoney Transfer makes sending money fast and easy from Canada.

Sign up, then log into your account and enter your card or bank details you need.

Enter your recipient's information, then add the amount to send securely.

After sending the money, you and the recipient will be notified by email when the money is ready to be withdrawn.

How does send money work?

Our Sponsorship program

Become our ambassador by sharing your sponsor code displayed on your customer portal and receive a reward each time someone registers with your code.


Register or login to your account.


Click on “Sponsor” fill out the invitation form with your friend's details and send the invitation.


A few minutes later, your friend will receive a text message and/or an email inviting him to use the Save Money Transfer service with your code.


When your friend signs up and makes 2 less free shipments, You receive a reward equal to the amount indicated on your customer portal.

How does send money work?

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Frequently Asked Questions

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SaveMoney Transfer is a Canadian money transfer company headquartered in Quebec. Defined as a money service company (ESM) by the Financial Markets Authority, it is governed by the Monetary Services Companies Act. She works in the international, online and cash transfer of money. It offers a less expensive, simple, secure, reliable, fast and available 24-hour service at your fingertips.
3 quick and simple steps: 1- Sign up; 2- Choose the beneficiary; 3- Send the money. Click here to see the video that tells you how to proceed.
Yes, SaveMoney Transfer ensures that your money arrives at the right destination and the right person. Click here to see the measures put in place to ensure your safety and the reliability of the site.
Fees and exchange rates are advantageous. SaveMoney helps you pay less and save money. Several discount and reward programs are regularly available and when you refer your loved ones you receive other bonuses.
No, because the SaveMoney Transfer service is only for individuals who provide financial assistance to their families, friends and loved ones.
All you need to do is add your bank cards from your SaveMoney Transfer profile. In your profile go to the "Add a Card" tab.
The modes of reception differ depending on the country of reception to another. However, regardless of the country of reception, you can be served at one of our licensed distributors near you. Click here to see the addresses of our distributors.
To delete your account, please follow the instructions given in our Privacy Policy

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